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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gotta start somewhere

4 year old's picture

8 year old's picture

13 year old's letter for Papa

Ok if you have been following Haley's posts..well you'll have to forgive me...I am not as gifted with story telling and phrasing as she is! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts Haley and am so, so thankful to God that He sent her with me!! You are and were such a blessing to me!

I forgot to mention in my last post that J.(8 years old) was excited to share a song he knew in English...Father we all sang and did the motions for Father Abraham the first day we met. Precious memories I will forever treasure. I can totally see him being a worship leader...he is so animated and LOVES to sing and you can tell he means and believes what he is singing. Another song he loved to sing had the line "God is love" as the chorus. I wish I could show the video of him singing it but I am not allowed to just yet. Be day you will get to see it when they are officially Wallings!!!

Papa...they love Ryan and haven't even met him...I'm a little jealous...jk! Every time they see a picture of him they would exclaim "Papa". I showed them a short video clip from DNow where the youth girls are lifting Ryan up in the air and they thought that was so funny and wanted to watch it over and over. They wrote him a letter and drew pics for him. Ryan was able to speak to them on the phone briefly the last day I saw them. They were all smiles. We have it videoed. J. would say, "Papa I'm fine, you're fine?" It was adorable!

Our daughter grabbed my hand and said baby room...she took me to see the babies in the orphanage. So sweet...she also said on the way up the, no baby. I kind of mumbled under my breath...actually we are going to have a baby but she didn't hear me. That brings me to telling them about the pregnancy. I had our new friend Yonatan from the guesthouse tell them all in their language so they would understand and find out at the same time. Our daughter kept repeating the same phrase over and over and I asked what she was saying. Yonatan said she said, "You're lying" "Are you sure?" "Are you sure?" We both assured them yes I am having a baby. They started smiling big. When we asked what they thought, he said they are really excited and want the baby to be a girl. Haley asked S. if he wanted to be a big brother again and he said yes! Little man didn't say much about it but he's 4 I didn't think he long as he didn't break out in tears I was pleased.

I still can't believe I actually went to Ethiopia last week and met my kids!!

More to come,

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  1. oh, reading this makes me cry. such a sweet story God is writing for you all.