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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

like Q-bert

Everyone keeps asking if we've heard anything new and the answer continues to be not yet. But don't stop asking, because sometome the answer will be "YES!!!" We're excited for that time.

Most recently I have decided to sit down with some different men that I respect and quiz them about parenting, spiritually guiding my home, etc. When we were home this past week, I had the opportunity to have lunch with our pastor, Waymond Warren, aka Brother Waymond. It was difficult for me to stay on topic because we so rarely get to talk. I jumped around from topic to topic like Q-bert. Brother Waymond is a leader. He makes the tough calls in his family and for the church. Both are blessed to have him. One day he will stand accountable for that which God has given him. And I will stand accountable for mine. Thats' heavy.

I also got to sit down with Dr. Thomas White. I won't recap our enitre conversation because...well...just because. For those of you who don't know who Dr. White is, he is the vice-president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, professor, author, adoptive father, and great man of God. I'm quite certain he would order thos differently. Probably exactly opposite of the way I did. Anyway, it was a great conversation. I will share one thing that he told me: bring everything back to the Gospel. He shared a few examples of watching a thunderstorm with his daughter, their Christmas traditions, and marker on the walls.

We should all look for things in day to day life that point people to Christ. The first step is to pray that God would give you the wisdom to see these opportunities. Once you begin seeing them, then start applying them.

I plan on sitting down with several other great men and will pass the wisdom. Until then...

Thanks for reading.