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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adoption news

We found out recently that the N. government has set a deadline for themselves to finish the referrals from 2009 by March. Of course, I was saddened to hear that our file will not be reviewed until March, but I am burdened for the families that have been waiting for a referral since the early part of last year. One of the ten families has had their referral for their little boy since September and still have not traveled to get him. You know the waiting has to be tougher for them. The good thing is they are believers and are trusting God! One of the waiting families sent an email that gave me a different perspective. She said as hard as it is for us, just think about the kids in N. that want a family to love them and do not have suitable living conditions and are living in poverty. Think about how hard their life must be. Again its not about us but about them! Please pray for the government to start making progress with these referrals and issuing travel approvals! Pray for the kids to be loved, comforted, and protected by the Father as they wait!

*You may have noticed that I started abbreviating our kids' home country. We were told to be careful what we post in our blogs because the country is very private about their adoptions. When we receive a referral I will start a private blog.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Hello everyone,

Jessica here. I have been meaning to blog since Christmas. Been pretty busy! I wanted to tell you some of my favorite times from Christmas week. I took a week of vacation and we went home to Louisiana to visit friends and family. These pics help tell my story. I wanted to make this Christmas special for my nephew since we will likely have kids of our own next Christmas. He and I painted Christmas ornaments and decorated a gingerbread train(so cool). My mom, myself, Kayle, Grace, Emma, and Will also went to one of the local nursing homes to sing Christmas carols and deliver cookies to my aunt and some other residents. We had a really good time and Kayle told me later that Emma prayed for the people we met at the nursing home that night. That made it worth the trip for show the kids that we should think of others at Christmas and not just worry about what gifts we're getting!

My dad surprised me by helping me roll the ginger cookies! Sweet time! I love him. He was pretty proud of himself! It was funny. I pray I don't take for granted times like these that I have left with my parents. Since we've moved away from family, it makes me view the time I spend with them in a different light. I enjoyed going to Jackson with my mom and sister to do some Christmas shopping.

Well I'm getting teary just thinking about all of this. We had a wonderful Christmas and I am praying and trusting that our kids will be home with us for the next one. I can't wait to start our Christmas traditions with them.