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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An update on each.

Hello all!

It's been over a year since I last blogged, so I figured it was high time I dropped a line...or two. Most of the time when I write there's something in mind I want to say, but this time I'm not sure. I figure an update on each member of our immediate family should take up enough room. (wink)

I'll assume some of you may not know about all the recent transitions and thus begin with our current living situation. The Walling family is is closing on a house this Friday in North Richland Hills, a suburb situated just northeast of Fort Worth. I am now serving as Student Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Hurst where I have been warmly and quickly accepted as family. That is one thing Jessica and I have been blessed with - churches who are family. From our home church of Fair Park (for which there is no replacement), we never believed we'd find a church to call home, but Wedgwood and Hulen Street during our time at Southwestern were delightful places of love and growth. Then our dear, sweet Anderson Mill. The love and affection poured out in us as we walked new paths was unmatched and undeserved. And now, as He did with Abram, God has brought us to a place that He showed us. First Hurst is a wonderful place. It beams with joy and gladness, yet fits like an old coat. It is glorious. Well, maybe more on that some other time. Suffice to say, I am excited about many years to come with this team of pastors and this family of believers.

Jessica has fallen into the role of mom of six like...something that falls quickly...and GRACEFULLY! Goodness, she rarely has time to stop and realize all she does, but the girl is totes legit. This move up here has been tough for several reasons besides that moves are difficult. The main thing being that we moved into the church's mission residence. We are so extremely grateful for God's provision and the church's graciousness. Thanks to them we've not had to find rentals, deal with leases, etc. And the house is rather roomy for a three bedroom, two bath home. But we have a rather large family and a 3/2 is...snug. All that to say, I believe Jessica will lay down and make carpet angels in every room of our new home. There will be plenty of room for her to do so if she so desires.

Solomon is playing football and loving it. He's making friends and always wanting to go somewhere. He just finished a game tonight in which he scored 3 touchdowns. He is very quickly becoming a strong and handsome young man. I pray he stays humble and kind. (note to self: wrestle him several more times before he can beat you)

Rahel will need a dose of humility too because she is beautiful. I know boys want to date her and that won't change, but I pray she allows her daddy to hold her heart until the right man comes along. She loves music and has decent taste in it, but as so many do she falls victim to the faddish boy bands and teeny bopper noise that will be forgotten with gauges and YOLO.

Yoseph is doing well. He adjusts quickly. I heard someone recently refer to a certain temperament child as "momma's heartbeat". That sort of defines Yoseph most of the time. He's a sweet kid with a sweet disposition. He forgets to take out the trash because he is too into his TV show or off riding his bike with a friend, but I'm glad he is blessed to do such things.

Eyasu is what many would call "all boy", a phrase which I dislike because it implies that boys that are not like him are less male, but you get the meaning. We practice the art of silence often. He's not very good at that type of art. He is very good at making friends. And he loves to help around the house and with the babies.

Evie is a chatterbox, but only a fraction of what she says is decipherable to humans. She is quite fluent in "woof-woof" and "meeeoooww". She is in Spouts, a wonderful two-day-a-week preschool at our church. She currently is obsessed with me currently...which I love and hate. I love it because I love her enthusiasm when she sees me and I know I'll miss it one when it's over. I hate it that she consumes so much of me that the others deserve. But man, she's a peach.

Kee is about as happy of a baby as you'll meet. Big fat cheeks and the funniest laugh. It's more of a cackle really. And she says "dada" and "mama" and few other things. Crawling everywhere, pulling up, but not yet walking. She has these bright blue eyes that grow with intensity when she laughs hard. She hates to be held and would rather be down on the floor. She sprays her food at us like The Great Kabuki. (note self: Christmas present idea for Jess, Hazmat suit)

And I'm great, thanks for asking. And...

Thanks for reading.

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