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Thursday, December 8, 2011

7 of 7 - Other things of note:

As I type these I am on the first leg of the flight and I feel like I'm on one of those hidden camera TV shows where unknown actors try to get you to yell or cuss at them or they pay you. I was stuck between a guy whose halitosis is strong enough to seep through his cheeks and a guy who has a rash on his face that itches. Thankfully bachelor number one is being amused by an inflight movie and bachelor number two has decided to quarantine himself entirely under his blanket. On the downside he snores. And both passengers apparently need the whole armrest plus the four inches that ends at my flanks.

Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful places. The countryside is serene and goes on for feels like forever.

The shower downstairs at the guest house has two settings: freshly melted arctic glacier water or Satan's teapot.

You can buy OxyContin over the counter but finding a throat lozenge is nearly impossible. Three different times we walked into the grocery store where there is glass case FULL of FreeGels, which is Amharic for Halls. Every time they told us no one was there to work the counter. Morning and night. "No one is here" they would say pointing behind the counter. Yes, I realize that Sherlock but do you think since you're not doing anything you could hand me one or two packs of those menthol candies??? No chance.

Solomon likes futbol, Aresenal Club and the color blue. He wants a bike. He takes care of Eyasu a lot. He pesters him some too. He can go from stoic to silly faster than you something that doesn't take long to do. My prayer for him is that he relinquishes his leadership role over the kids that has been thrust upon him and is able to enjoy being a boy while he still can. I want him to ride bikes and play sports and be silly. Later on I want him to be a leader agin. One who cares for and serves others in the name of Christ.

Rahel loves music. Her favorites are going to be a problem: Rihanna, etc. I may have gotten her hooked on Lecrae. she like the color blue. She speaks very softly and is timid with her English but I think she understands better than any of them. She would love to have an iPhone. She's hopeful. I'm doubtful. My prayer for Rahel is that she would trust me to guard her heart and protect her. I hope she allows me to be a part of her decisions. From who is worthy to marry all the way down to the music she chooses to listen to.

Yoseph is a singer with a beautiful voice. His face fills with joy when he sings. I love to hear him talk. I love when he says "papa". He likes karate and is really quite strong. He doesn't demand attention but always welcomes it. He'd like an iPad. Not happening anytime soon. I pray Yoseph would use his incredible gift to honor God. I pray his kind heart is protected until we can bring him home. I hope God will sustain his joy and that it will overflow onto those who are around him.

Eyasu is the funny monkey. He is 90% silly and 100% sweet. And he will be a handful. He kisses me on both cheeks and the forehead several times a day. Sometimes my hand, or my neck, or my hair gets sugar too. He likes to cuddle and craves attention. He also likes anything his older siblings are doing. For Eyasu I ask God to guard his heart from bad influences. Keep him childlike even through adultlike circumstances. I hope his sense of humor and love of fun fuels our entire family for decades to come.

They all have such gentle spirits. I'm sure there are times they get at each other but you can tell they genuinely love one another. Going through what they've gone through together yields a wonderful closeness. Mostly I pray they would all become what God intends for them- His children, adopted finally and eternally into His family.

Ethiopian coffee can be used as an alternative fuel source. I'm quite certain one gallon could power a New York city block for 72 years. It's good stuff. I dread going back to the flavored water you all are currently suffering through.

New update on bachelor number two. He is now using our shared armrest as support for his buttocks. I'd take a picture but the other passengers would think odd thoughts.

When I was waiting to be called in for court I met a coule adopting three little girls. They actually have a ministry there in Addis. It's called Transformation Love. They work with the outcast at Cora. If you'd like to know more about Cora and how you can help check out their website. It's a Christ-like thing they are doing and I'm certain some of you reading this are feeling a tug that direction.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Ryan, you and Jessica are an amazing inspiration. I pray you are reunited with your kids soon, so you all can grow together as a family. May God continue to bless all of you!

  2. Thank you for sharing all the emotions and memories of your trip! I am so happy for yall and can't wait to meet them. Praying for them to all get here soon and safely!