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Saturday, June 25, 2011

God's blessings

So I am planning my trip to Ethiopia!! Up until 2 weeks ago I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go because I hadn't found anyone to travel with. Our dear friend Haley told us she believed God was leading her to go with me. She and I prayed about it and had complete peace. Next step was for her to send out a letter asking for support to help with the cost of the trip and lost pay at work. 1 week after sending out the letter she had half of the money. Wow!! I can see God working already. While trying to get our flights planned we couldn't get the direct flight to ET, but by the time I booked the flights the direct flight had opened up and it was $300 cheaper. No coincidence I'm sure! I just heard yesterday that the airline is going to provide our hotel stay in DC at no additional cost. Now I am getting toys and things to play with the kids at the orphanage together. This is going to be fun!! I'm not sure if our kids will know I'm coming or be completely surprised when I show up. But I can't wait to meet them!!
Haley and I will appreciate your prayers. I am praying that God will use us to love on as many of His children as possible and to remind them they are not forgotten.

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