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Monday, August 24, 2009

Now we wait!

Hello everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. I waited 2 weeks to receive our home study in the mail...and I wanted the completion of the dossier to be my next post. So after 2 1/2 months of gathering and preparing paperwork, making multiple trips to have documents notarized, and combing over every document to make sure there are no cross-outs or write-overs(of course there were some mistakes...I had to get more copies of our marriage license and have the home study agency redo documents for me)...the dossier is complete and in the mail!! I am so glad to have this step was really nerve-racking for me for a couple of reasons. I like to get things done in a timely fashion...I had to be really patient during these last few months when there were setbacks and that drove me crazy that I couldn't get it all done! Also, I am already OCD about things being perfect...when they told me how every document had to notarized and there couldn't be any write-overs on the documents and the notary's signature had to match their stamp...this just did a number on my already nit-picky nature. I'm sure Kim at the home study agency is tired of hearing from me. Listen to the dream I had last night...just to let you know how much I worry over such things. Well let me set this up for you. Yesterday, I was looking over all the documents one last time as I was organizing them and making copies and I noticed that one stinken' piece of paperwork from the home study agency was notarized with a signature that didn't match her signature on the other documents. So now I'm thinking I've got to call her on Monday and ask her to redo this document...great! Well I dreamed that I went to their office and asked her to redo the document and apparently she told me no or questioned that it needed to be done because I got really angry and told them just what I thought about that and the next thing I know the social worker is telling me they won't be able to do it at all because of what I said to them. So then I'm distraught, thinking how am I going to get this done? And I woke up...

I did receive some good news today from our adoption agency. They have found out from recent talks with the N. government that the government sees it as a priority to place children ages 3 years and older with their adoptive families.

I do have a prayer request...pray that the N. government will appoint a minister soon so that the wheels will begin to move for the adoption process for all the waiting families.

Until next time,

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  1. Jessica,
    I can't imagine the frustration of getting all that paperwork done. I'm so glad you finally got it all together. Now bring on the Baby/Child/Monkey just whomever GOD has planned for your family. We always said we would be happy with a Gremlin! ha ha We got a SASSY CAT instead!! She is perfect for our family just like your child will be for your family!! Hope everything flies along from here. I'll be praying for yall!!

    Love Ya,