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Sunday, August 30, 2009

N. church

Ryan here. I am about to go visit a N. church with some new friends we've met here at seminary. Brandon and Cindy Shafer have graciously agreed to take me to meet these N. people that have church in Irving. Our thought is that this group of people could potentially be a vital part of understanding and continuing to engage in our children's cultural heritage.

Brandon has been fortunate to serve in N. and then got to know this people group existed after moving to seminary. I'm keeping the details vague because I'm not sure that I remember them correctly.

Well, I decided to just add to this post instead of writing another blog. I just got back from a wonderful time with the Shafers. I appreciate them so much for talking with us about N. culture and taking me to meet the group over in Irving tonight. Not to mention Brandon gave me a help-book on learning to speak the language!

On the way over Brandon and Cindy explained to me that church times change along with other aspects of the church that seem to be in constant transition. We showed up at 5 and walked around the building trying to find where exactly the meeting was taking place. We finally found Ati, Alex, and Harry. They were meeting in Ati's office. After warm introductions, Ati led worship on acoustic guitar. I guess I should mention that was all that was present: myself, the Shafers, Ati, Alex, and Harry. It was cozy in the office. They sang a few songs (hymns or choruses, I couldn't tell) in N. It was beautiful. I didn't know what they were saying, but I connected on a different level. Their passion for our Lord was evident.

Alex had some friends, Simon and Robbie, show up about the time we were going to read the Scripture. Once they were in and seated Brandon read from Romans 7, verses 14-25. Ati taught about our sinful state and our only hope being in Christ. It was a great time, meeting and worshipping with new brothers. They were excited to hear about our adoption and very inquisitive. We talked for quite a while after the service was over. It will be exciting to bring Jessica back to meet my new friends and even more exciting to bring our kids to meet them!

Well, I don't have time to say much more. I am currently reading a book that is revolutionizing the way I look at adoption. I have a blog brewing on the subject and I will lay it out soon enough. Until then, ta-ta.

Thanks for reading.

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