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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We passed court!!


There were many times over the past 9 months that I thought we would never be able to say this...We PASSED court today! Praise God!! The next step is our case will be submitted to the US Embassy for them to do their investigation to assure the kids meet their definition of true orphans before they give us clearance to bring them home. Thank you to all who have been praying for us during this process. Ryan's visit with the kids is going really well. I'll let you in on some comments from his trip so far:

Rahel is even more beautiful in person than she is in pictures.
He connected really well with them when he brought them to the guesthouse on day 2.
Eyasu used him as a monkey bar today.
They laughed out loud and smiled really big when they saw pictures and video of Evie.
Rahel shows everyone pictures of her little sister all the time.
Eyasu, our 4 year old little boy, wants a pink room.
When he told them that I loved them and missed them very much...Joseph said he misses me too! (Awe...break my heart!)
He has been able to talk with Solomon alot.
He asked each of the kids individually if they are happy and they all said yes and he asked them if they wanted to come and live with us in America and they said yes!!
One of the boys at the orphanage that is about 10 called Ryan papa the whole time he was there the first day and he didn't know what to say to him. (This breaks my heart...this young boy is a total sweetheart!!)

Ryan says he is diligently journaling so he will have even more to share when he returns!! So stay tuned.


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