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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evie update #1

Hey everybody,

First, I want to thank God for how well our little one is doing...He deserves all the glory!! Next, I want to thank all our family and friends who have been praying fervently for us...we have definitely felt covered in prayer!

So Evie had a big day yesterday...her bilirubin level stayed down so they were able to turn the bili light off! This is a big deal because we could only take her out from under the light for me to feed her and hold her a few times a day. Papa is really happy about this because he gets to hold her as long as he likes now...he was getting jealous that I was the main one to hold her since I needed to feed her. Speaking of feeding....they have been able to increase her feedings through the tube each day and were able to discontinue the IV yesterday!! She still has the nasal cannula for air flow to remind her to take deep breaths.

I was discharged from the hospital Monday but was able to stay in my room 2 more nights to feed her. But they needed my room for patients so I slept at home last night. My plan is to be at the hospital for the 8am and 11 o'clock feedings then go home to rest and be back for the 5 pm feeding.

I love being her mom! We both got to give her a bath last night...that was fun. All my days in labor and delivery and helping out in the newborn nursery are coming back to me. I make Ryan nervous...he thought I was scrubbing her head too hard...he's so funny! She is going to be so spoiled by him...he's going to be such a softie.. :-)

Things I've seen her do and interesting observations:
Sticking her tongue out
She sleeps with her hand just under chin, propped on her chest just like Ryan does.
Sleeps with her mouth open...also like Ryan. This may just be a normal newborn thing...

Well I've got to run to make it to her next feeding!


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