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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting started...

I guess I should start this blog by giving some details of our adoption. We are applying to adopt siblings ages 0-6 from N. We want one of them to be a little girl. Ryan wants a little girl so bad! The adoption agency is telling us it could take approximately 1 year to complete the adoption but we will find out more in the next few months about the estimated wait time. In case you're wondering where N. is...its a small country that sits between India and China. It is the home of Mt. Everest. Our children are in an orphanage. We are in the first stages of the process...we have to prepare our dossier which is a collection of paper work that has to be translated and sent to N. where the government matches us with a sibling group based on our preferences. This can take up to 6 months.

So we mailed off our adoption contracts today. We first stopped by FedEx to see how much the notary service would was going to be like $60 so we went to Southwestern because we found out someone will notarize documents for students for free!! We go into the lady's office and told her we needed our adoption documents notarized then with a big smile she said "we adopted our daughter from Guatemala 8 years ago", so she was more than happy to help us! How cool is that!

We are required to complete a book for adoption education. We completed the chapter on food and feeding last night. Our assignment is to find a common recipe from N. and cook it for ourselves. This ought to be fun! It seems like their cuisine is similar to Eastern Indian so lots of curry dishes and rice. We've tried Indian food a few times since we've lived in Fort Worth, and we both seem to like it. It can be heavy though! I'll let you know what we made and how it came out. This is just one of the many issues we have to think about when preparing to bring home our children. One of the big concerns Ryan has is the language barrier especially with the older child...but they say that kids learn another language really quickly and we'll get really good at sign language too I'm sure! We have found out there is a N. group of people here in
Fort Worth so we're going to try to connect with them so they can teach us about the culture.

Our home study is scheduled for Friday so I'll update on how that goes!

Thanks for reading and praying for us...


  1. How exciting! And what a great idea to blog this as it unfolds. It will make a great story to give to your children someday.

  2. We are so excited for you!! I know this has been a desire for so long and we look foward to tagging along on your journey. Ya'll will be wonderful Godly parents, afterall, I've trusted you with my own! We miss you guys.

    Love and Blessings to you,

    Amy and Lance

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us!

  4. I look forward to hearing more about the process...keep us updated, especially about tomorrow. Interview well!!