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Friday, June 19, 2015

deconstructing humanity

It's been a long, long time since I've blogged. Most of that is just because I haven't made time to do it. But with deep confusion and frazzled nerves, I write. Maybe for my healing, or at least sorting our thoughts and feelings. Maybe to encourage someone, or even to educate, although I don't know that I have any words or thoughts to do such. But nevertheless these are my thoughts.

I am so sick of hearing about this being about "race". Before you dismiss me, hear me out. People grow up hearing and believing that some people are somehow less human. It's probably not put so bluntly, but the message is there. More is caught than taught, right? Jokes are made and skin color often carries the punchline, thus exacerbating our differences. "A white guy, a black guy, and a Mexican walk into a bar..." Have you heard that one? Maybe you heard the version with "racial slurs" in lieu of skin color and country of origin. These widen the gap and deepen the wounds.

Back to me being tired of hearing about racism. I subscribe to a Christian worldview in which the Bible is heralded as being God's word of instruction, encouragement, wisdom, and rebuke. In the Bible it is plainly understood that there is ONE race, not many as is often taught in schools and churches as we grow up. We are all descendants of Adam, all descendants of Noah. 

God created humanity. 

We construct race; in so doing we are deconstructing humanity.

And I'm tired of us teaching it to our children. It is a detriment to them and the demise of our society.

People have asked me if I'm concerned about my kids marrying interracially. I like to shock people sometimes. I exclaim, “Yes! I strictly forbid interracial marriage.” Before they begin to drool out of their gape-jawed stare, I finish by telling them that my kids are only allowed to marry humans. By that point the conversation has morphed into a rant in which I try to mask my anger while explaining the one race thing. I imagine most people think it’s a cute that I’m passionate about something and go on about their life.

Oh well.

These issues, these shootings, these murders, the police brutality aren’t about race. It is a great deal about ignorance. Ignorance is the garden where fear grows. And hatred is its fruit. Those who have been fed the fruit of hatred choke, beat, hang, and shoot their fellow human beings. Those who have been fed the fruits of fear also disrespect authority, break laws, loot, riot, and attack.

These roots run deep in our humanity. Until we recognize it for what it is, things will not change for the better.

God help us.

Thanks for reading.


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